Make copies of a Google Document

Making copies using Google Script.

There is a spreadsheet in Google Drive that contains 12 sheets (for each month) and all the dates in a year. I need to make a copy of this spreadsheet per users. To save myself time, I prepared one spreadsheet and applied a google script to make copies for myself.

To do that, go to and create yourself a new project. Then copy and paste below script. Follow the instruction to make changes to the number and document ID.

//This script will create copies of a google documents

function copyDocs() {
  for(i=0; i<10; i++){ //change the number 10 to the number of copies you want to make 
  var drive=DriveApp.getFileById('1j2KyypDtY3NZpkCU_Cw3EwXEzKbzm2Bble5ff795FBE');
//open the document you want to copy in Google Drive. 
//In the URL, looks for the string with letters and numbers
//Copy the that string and replace it within the ' ' above. 


//Remeber to save and execute, you will see the copies in the same folder as the original.

save and execute and you you will find 10 copies of the documents in the folder that contains the original copy.

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