Using PowerShell to check Restart Events on remote computers

This script will prompt the user to enter a computer name and then get the last 3 events that has the Event ID 1074 and 1076. This will tell us the reason why and when the computer was restarted. This will also work with the legacy CMD Get-EventLog

Creating a User account in AzureAD – from Azure Portal or using PowerShell

First, login to Azure Portal with an account that has the permission to create a user account.  Go to Azure Active Directory service. Doing it from the portal is quite straight Forward.  You can either create a user or invite an external user to join as a guest user. Fill in the required fields: User…

Citrix Migration – Powershell

This PowerShell script saved me hours of manual work in a project to migrate hundreds of apps to a new farm that follows a different naming convention.

RDWeb Farm Deployment – Part 2

This is part 2 of my RDWeb setup guide. In this guide, we will work on publishing the collection and the remoteApp, creating a forward lookup zones and distributing the self-signed SSL for internal client.