Citrix Provisioning Services – Streamed VM Setup Wizard

Creating VM using PVS Streamed VM Setup Wizard.

Compare to Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup Wizard, the Streamed VM setup wizard is quite simple. It is a standalone solution and does not need to connect to a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Farm. That is, as long as you have already setup your SCVMM server and installed the VMM console on PVS01.  If you have not, I wrote a post about this here.)

*note that if you will be using MCS, you may want to install SCVMM 2016 instead of SCVMM 2019. I learned it the hard way that MCS does not support the use of SCVMM 2019 yet. It may change later this year.

If you have not created a PVS Streamed VM Template in SCVMM yet, we will review how to do that below.

Go to you VMM01 server and launch VMM manager.  Go to Library -> VM Template and right click to create a Template. 

Use either w10target2 or the first w10template VM to create the template.

This process will destroy the VM that you selected. 

I will name it PVS02_streamed_Template. 

Now that we have destroyed our VM (and created our template from destroying it.), go back to our PVS01 server and right click on our site to select Streamed VM setup wizard.

Enter the name of your VMM server and the service account that is used to access the server.

Select your template to use for the deployment. I created two templates. Either one will work for me.

Choose the resources to allocate to this VM.  You can create more than one VM with this wizard.  Note that this will automatically created a 6 GB disk for local write Cache disk for you because this disk appears in the template.

You can either have PVS to create new Computer accounts in AD or import existing accounts from the AD. 

Give it a naming scheme.  The first VM deploy will be 001, until it reaches 999. (If you anticipate more than 1000 VM, you can use four #### instead. You will have 0001 -> 9999 that way)

When this is done, you will find your new VM in your Hyper V manager.

You will also find it in the Collection in PVS console.  Because we used the Streamed VM wizard to deploy this VM, its MAC address is automatically linked to that vDisk.

It has the Legacy Network Adapter and the 6 GB disk created.  The first time the VM boot, it is still going to use the Write Cache folder on PVS01 to write cache. 

Coming up next, we will look at deploying VMs using Citrix Virtual Desktop setup wizard. 

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