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Citrix – Unable to remove Computer Object from Catalog

unlocking AD Object using PowerShell

My colleague was trying to deploy some new VDI from a machine Catalog but it failed. He needed to cancel the task because it has been running for over 1 hour. The computer objects were created, but it was not able to create the VM on azure. He tried to remove the computer objects created but it returned an error message with some permission issue. He came to me for help.

I ran the below PowerShell script to check if the AD Accounts are “locked” and indeed they were locked.

ansp Citrix*
Get-AcctADAccount -State Available -Lock $True

To remove the lock, I used below PowerShell

Unlock-AcctADAccount -ADAccountSid "#put in your ADAccountSid here"

After unlocking it, you can either remove the Object from machine Catalog, or using Powershell.

Remove-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName #Enter the IdentityPoolName Here -ADAccountSid #Enter the ADAccountSid here 

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