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Adding Static Route to connect networks in different subnets

Adding a Static Route

For one of my projects at home, I need to disable DHCP server from my router.  I am using an Altice Router from Optimum and I do not find an option to disable DHCP.  The router does not have much options at all!  In order to setup my Home Lab properly, I add in another router to isolate my Home Lab. 

Usually, to access my home Lab ( from my Home Network (, I will need to setup a static Route from my “Home Router” to “Router”.  I was not surprised when I searched through the features on my Home Router and did not find a section to setup a Static Route. 

Luckily, the only computer that needs access to my home lab is my personal computer.  I ran the following command from my personal computer to add a route in the routing table on my computer.  To make the route persistent, add the -P parameter. Otherwise it will get deleted the next time you reboot your computer. Route Add are not persistent by default.

Route Add Mask -P

I was then able to ping any IP address in the network from my home network and as soon as that was done, I was able to RDP to my home lab again!

*I did find the Static Route option in my second Route (an ASUS RT-N12)

If my ASUS router is compatible with Optimum, I could have done this on the router instead:

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