Enabling Receiver for HTML 5 in Citrix StoreFrton

Receiver for HTML 5

The receiver for HTML 5 option in StoreFront is a really nice feature. It allows users to continue using Citrix when there is an issue with the receiver app. You can force all connection to use HTML 5, to only use HTML 5 when receiver is not installed, or to never use HTML 5 at all. To configure this setting, go to your StoreFront console.

If you have multiple site, select the site that you want to make HTML 5 available, and select “Manage Receiver for the Web Sites”.

At the new window, select configure.

Under “Deploy Citrix Receiver”, you have the option to always use Receiver for HTML 5, use Receiver for HTML 5 only if local receiver is not available, or to only use locally installed receiver.

If you are not using a Netscaler, you would also need to configure the policies to allow websockets connections.

Once you have that configured, it will automatically use Receiver for HTML 5 if your setting tells storefront to always use Receiver for HTML 5. Otherwise, user can go to account settings (click on the gear icon) and “Change Citrix Receiver”.

With Receiver for HTML 5, instead of opening it as an application/ remote desktop, the session will launch from within the web browser as a new tab.

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