Enable Legacy Client Drive Mapping on Citrix XenApp

Enabled Legacy Client Drive Mapping

We were using Citrix XenApp 6.5 with a Server 2008 Farm. After migrating all the apps to a new Virtual Farm, users complained that they can no longer see their local drive as V: drive when they are connected to the new VDA servers running Server 2016.

By default, client drives are displayed as “Local Drive(C: on xxx) when mapped. The old farm was probably set up by someone who was no longer with the company, no one seemed to know where this settings was and there was no GPO created/linked for this purpose.

After doing some research, I found that the settings was configured in the local Group policy in the old VDA locally. (This would create a mess when there are no documentations about the setup.) Anyway, the configuration is done by creating a registry key.

  1. Create this registry key if it does not exist:
  2. Under the key, create a DWORD: UNCEnabled.
  3. Set the value of UNCEnabled to “0”.

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