Microsoft Troubleshooting

Report Builder does not start

When report builder crashes upon launching.

There was a user complaining that her newly installed Report Builder does not work. When she tried to open it, it will close immediately. We tried to right click on it and run it with a local admin account (the account that she used to install report builder) and it was able to launch. In Event Viewer, there was an error that was related to a “System.UriFormatException”

Uninstalling/reinstalling did not work. Adding her logon account as a local admin did not work.

I think uninstalling report builder did not remove EVERYTHING related to Report Builder and the user config got left behind or that the config file became corrupted. By deleting the User Config file, a new config file will be created the next time she launches the application and this allows her to open Report builder once again.

The config file for report builder is located at

%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Report Builder\

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